June 9, 2019/ Diet, Facts, Health, Science

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Summers in India are painful. Hot weather and dehydrated bodies indicate the arrival of summers. With the temperature rising every day it is essential that your system stays hydrated. Intake of fruits and vegetables is necessary to provide an instant boost of energy and help reduce tiredness and fatigue, dehydration and vitamin deficiency. Most fruits have antioxidants, minerals and essential vitamins which keeps your system hydrated, fresh and energetic during summers.


Red and juicy Watermelon

Watermelon is extremely hydrating fruit of summers. It is the most demanding fruit of the season. It has a direct connection with the heart so eating watermelon every day improves heart health.  It is not only a great source of water but also has Vitamin A, C, calcium, dietary fibers and iron. Watermelon also has the right amount of amino acid and this helps in the normal blood flow.

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The delicious Mango

Mango is called the king of fruits in summer because it is enriched with fiber and has as many as 20 minerals and vitamins.  It is a perfect summer fruit rich in Vitamins and nutrients. Mangoes have an abundance of Vitamin A,C,D, Iron, Potassium and calcium. Intake of mangoes reduces cholesterol levels and control blood pressure and heart rate.


The yummy Papaya

Papaya is the another must have fruit in summers as it contains nutrients like Vitamin A and C, folate, and various phytochemicals. Papaya also contains papain, a compound that is good for your gastrointestinal health. Papaya have a higher amount of beta-carotene. It prevents skin damage and reduces inflammation. The sweet tasting papaya controls Diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, bloating, etc.


Most loved tropical fruit Pineapple

Are you aware that pineapple is not really a fruit, it is a mass of individual berries that are fused to a central stalk. Pineapple is a great summer fruit comes with a lot of many health benefits, such as anti-inflammation, boosting metabolism, burning calories, regulating hypertension, etc.


Sweet and Glorious Litchi

Litchi is a seasonal fruit of summer. Try and make good utilization of this fruit as it is a great source of potassium, polyphenols, and vitamins.  Rich in antioxidants, litchis also boost immunity, prevents cancer, and reduce inflammation.