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If you have a hobby that you enjoy but do not dedicate enough time to it, hopefully this post will convince you to rethink that.

Stress Buster :

Hobby is a great stress buster as it helps you to enjoy what you love. With a monotonous life one feels stressed and bored so it is important to do things out of regular work. With a little refreshment you work better, you eat better and you live in a better way. There are many health benefits of having a hobby.

Develops creativity :

In job interviews it is always asked that what do you do for fun as it describes what kind of a person you are, what is personality and how creative you are. Creativity in life is equally proportional to creativity in your work.

Social Connections :

You can make good social connections by engaging yourself in things you are interested in. You meet new people of similar interests and mindsets so like being surrounded by them as you enjoy doing same things together. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, discuss your hobby and get more involved with bigger groups. Your hobby can help you make new friends at work or at any new place.

Build Confidence :

Hobby is a passion which always challenges you mentally or physically. As you overcome with these challenges your confidence is boosted and your self esteem is raised. Being good at something and learning something new is very rewarding.

Keep you Fit :

If you are overweight or not in a good shape than any sort of physical hobby is a great solution. According to studies people always quit physical activities as they do not find it interesting instead if you have it as a hobby you will stick to it for a longer duration and enjoy it more.

Fights Depression :

You have a particular hobby in which you engage most of your free time so there is no time left for depression. It is always suggested by doctors to the patients of Depression to find their lost hobby and start working on it. Patients who engage themselves in any kind of hobby shows remarkable improvement in their health and self esteem.

Creates Excitement :

Time spent indulging your hobbies and passions provides a break from the demanding routine of day-to-day life. Hobbies create excitement and change in a routine which is essential to keep life full of fun.