March 29, 2020/ Facts, Human Nature

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Today the world is going through a devastating phase of Coronavirus. A virus that has stopped many lives around the world. You must have heard about the phrase “Life must go on”, yes the show must go on. In this tough time when we are getting the opportunity to stay at home, we must utilize our time to the fullest. Here I am sharing some very good essential points to stay positive and happier.

Meditate: Meditate on what really happened and your response to the crisis. You can start by practicing breathing mediation. Meditative breathing teaches the mind and body to let go; like the breath, troubling thoughts and feelings come and go, they come and they go. It reduces stress levels in your body, lower your blood pressure, and reduce depression. It increases alertness and boosts your immune system. For centuries yogis have used breath control to promote concentration and improve vitality.

Be Optimistic: “Positive thinking is powerful thinking”.  Optimists are physically healthier and live longer. It has several benefits including a lower risk of heart disease and a stronger immune system. One of the most powerful benefits of intentionally practicing optimism in daily life is that it provides a buffer against stress. Being positive you can find opportunities in any difficult situation.

Exercise daily: Physical activity is extremely important. Exercise can block negative thoughts or distracts you from worries. It benefits every part of the body including the brain. Exercising regularly can improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. It can even help you look better. Engaging in regular physical activity can increase your energy levels. This is true even in people with persistent fatigue and those suffering from serious illnesses. If you are regularly physically active, you may reduce the risk of heart attack, lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of diabetes.

Get enough sleep: Sleep is vital as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and ready for the next day. Getting adequate rest may also help prevent excess weight gain, heart disease, and increased illness duration. The benefits of adequate sleep include better productivity and concentration and lower risk of heart disease. Poor sleeping patterns are strongly linked to depression. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep can improve your immune function and help fight the common cold.

Limit bad news intake: Too much bad news can make you sick. It causes stress and a feeling of anxiety. A feeling of uncertainty, doubt and helplessness and anxiety are the regular results of bad news consumption.  In today’s time when the entire country’s news channels are bombarding with negative news all over, you should stop watching it frequently. You can gather information of what going on through any of the trusted websites once or twice a day. Avoid watching or reading the news first thing in the morning or right before you sleep.               

Get close to nature: Nature works like magic! It can make you feel positive and relaxed. Spending time in nature can help in uplifting your mood and bring a significant improvement in your health as well. People who live near green spaces are likely to get better sleep and experience fewer physical symptoms of stress. Experts believe that people who live in greener areas have more opportunities for physical activity and socializing. Moreover, one gets exposed to a diverse variety of bacteria when living close to nature. This can benefit the immune system and also reduce inflammation in the body.